Back Story

M Contraband Esq, punk lawyer was born in the brain of an artist -turned -lawyer-turned artist again, half a lifetime ago on a thrift store sofa in a seedy apartment in Hollywood. A parked car was torched that night, and she emerged into consciousness accompanied by the screams of fire engines and flames lighting the black sky and the bright blue Church of Scientology building that dominated the street.  The scene was so surreal that it could have been staged by an aspiring screenwriter in search of a subject.  Maybe it was.  A lot of strange things happened in that neighborhood.

It took another half lifetime before she was ready to morph into a graphic novel  character.  The first two issues of M Contraband Esq, Punk Lawyer  feature real life artists ranting about legal issues.   Art and law don't often sit together comfortably in the real world - but in the M Contraband world they not only sit comfortably, they frequent diners and cafes for cups of strong coffee and side orders of under-cooked opinions.

M Contraband is more than a character, she's an alter ego who who puts on fishnet hose, spikey heels and a striking hat before kicking barriers to creative expression up the arse and out the door.  

I honestly don't know what she might do next.

Hope London 2017

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